Quality Control

Quality Control is the prime basic of our organization & work culture. Every part made by us is subject to a check based on a system created by us for that part.

Be it any part right from Thrust bearings, Pump part or the actual Pump Or any of the Fuel Injection Parts, Every part has a individual check system right from raw material testing, machining or final assembly.

Using equipment’s like CMMs & Profile projectors for checking of parts makes our methods of inspections the finest in the world and thus justifying our WORLD CLASS HEAVY DUTY PARTS. We are a certified ISO 9001:2008 company with a certification from Rina who are one the most highest rating auditing companies in the World.

Parts Inspection During Manufacturing


Profile Projectors To Magnify & Checks Parts & Other Specifications


CMM Machines To Check Coordinates & Center  Distanes On Parts

The implementation of a quality system to the vast range & variety of products that we make & offer has always required a lot of work than the usual. Be it in-process inspection of parts made in-house or inspection of vendor supplied parts needs a dedicated team of our quality control engineers and various equipment’s to get this done.

Improvement of a quality system is always an on going exercise and our design manufacturing team is always working on better & faster methods for continuously improving our quality control techniques.

Thus an in-house work culture coupled with the ISO-9001:2008 process has made our organization one of the leaders worldwide in the parts that we make & offer to our customers. Who need just our brand name to be assured of our quality.

Please view all our inspection techniques in the various links and the infrastructure link itself to let your self know of what quality means to our parts.

Oil Pump Testing Rigs


Checking Clearances On G Rotors For Ensuring Optimum Oil Pump Pressure & Delivery


Inhouse Checking & Lazer Calibration Of Our Own Machines


Checking Parts on Renishaw Probing Systems On Machining Centers During Machining


PT Fuel System Theory & Operation