Thrust Bearing

The heart of any thrust bearing is the metallurgy.

Our in-house facility right from Raw Material alloying to final machining and packing, ensures our total control for quality and thus makes our position as one of the largest manufacturer in the World for these.

The process starts from getting the different metals required for making a particular alloy in phosphor bronze or aluminum. After these are checked on a lot basis for purity on a Spectra meter then comes the part of alloying.

Trident makes thrust bearing in various alloys with various material compositions in phosphor bronze, high leaded tin bronze and aluminum tin alloys.

After alloying these alloy bricks are individual tested on Spectra meter for the required chemical composition and percentages of alloying metals.

Once approved then the alloy is actually ready for casting pouring.


These alloys are then CENTRIFUGALLY CAST to produce cylinders. Centrifugal casting is a casting system in which molten metal is poured in high speed rotating dies. This casting procedure for thrust bearings ensures the needed micro structure, hardness & tensile strength required for continuous friction and high temperatures during engine running.

After the cast cylinders are approved for micro structure & hardness then they go actual machining into thrust bearings on CNC machines. This machining couples with some very critical face machining operations of “Peak / Valley” generation on the crankshaft face is done.

(Please see the technical tips section for thrust washers for this requirement on thrust bearings).

After machining each individual ring is parted to make a 2 half’s of the thrust bearing. Each and every individual thrust bearing is checked 100% for critical dimensions on gages and also for parallelism and thickness before being packed for final dispatch.

An accurate system of keeping data of heat codes on alloys and castings and a data sheet for every batch of thrust bearing being machined ensures we can track of a particular thrust bearing batch right from the alloying to final packing.

We are making thrust washers for the following finest diesels in the world.








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