Lubricating Oil Pumps

Trident manufactures a large variety of lubricating oil pumps for various heavy duty engine applications for Cummins, Which include from the oldest engine models the very latest automotive B&C series and the M-11 & L10 engine series.

Trident is a leading industry manufacturer of aftermarket oil pumps for the engine rebuilding building industry.

We service custom engine re-builders, production engine re-manufacturers, warehouse distributors, and auto parts retailers. Our aftermarket division is noted for excellent catalog accuracy, new products, & domestic and international distribution.

To name a few of the engines we make oil pumps is for the Cummins- TATA Cummins Automotive 6B / 6BTA engines which now come on all the TATA Cummins Truck engines. The Cummins L10 / M11 engines series and also all the older engine models from the NH to the NT Big Cam series.

Precision shaved and hardened gears coupled with the best sauntered rotors and a 100% checking for pressure and oil delivery for every pump. Makes sure we stand as a leading brand in the oil pump manufacturing and distribution industry.

Please watch some of the testing videos we have uploaded to make you better understand our testing procedures for the oil pumps we make.

Trident offers Oil Pumps for the following Engine Series:

  • N-495 / N-743
  • NT/ NTA-855 ( Small Cam)
  • NT/ NTA-855 ( Big Cam II, III, IV)
  • 4B / BT / BTA
  • 6B / BT / BTA
  • 6C / CT / CTA
  • N-14
  • M-11 & L-10 series
PT Fuel System Theory & Operation

Oil Pump Testing

Every Lubricating Oil pump made by us is tested on a testing rig 100% for oil delivery and pressure. The testing rig generates the same working condition for the pump as in the engine. Only the pressure and RPM for testing the pumps is more then 4 times then the actual engine requirement. This makes sure the pumps go through the most extreme working conditions which probably the engine might never actually face in its life term. However once these work properly on those harsh standards then they 100% OK for going on the engines for installation.


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