Fuel Injection

Trident manufactures and stocks at-least 1000 different part numbers that includes assemblies and parts for these assemblies at any given time for the Fuel Injection system.

These include our own made Gear Pumps, Barrel & Plungers, Governor Plungers and Gasket kits to name a few components. With our constant re-stocking rate of 97% we ensure our customers always have the part number needed by them.

Coverage includes parts from the oldest PTR to the latest AFC system for the fuel pump.

Our latest development is of offering the complete range of fully assembled tested new Injectors for the entire range of Cummin’s engines. Which also includes the Flanged type Injector assembly for which we are the only aftermarket manufacturer in the world next to OEM.


Coverage for the Fuel Injection Parts is divided into 2 broad groups.

  • Fuel Pump Parts
  • Injector Parts

For the Injectors Trident offers a product mix of complete new Injectors and Injector Parts, which cover.

  • Barrel & Plunger assemblies.
  • Injector Cups
  • Injector O rings
  • Orifices
  • Individual Injector parts like Retainers, Injector screens, Check balls etc.

A typical fuel pump would need any of the following assemblies and or individual assembly parts.

  • Shut Down Fuel assembly & Solenoid Coils
  • Gasket Kits for Fuel Pump rebuild.
  • Governor Plungers or complete Plunger & Barrel assembly.
  • Gear Pump
  • Fuel Pump Shafts, Gears & Bushings.
  • Fuel Pump Screens & Filter Caps.
  • Weight Carrier Assembly
  • Throttle Levers & Throttle Shafts
  • Fuel Pump Springs
  • MVS Governor Parts
  • Specialized Repair Kits for the above parts.


Barrel & Plungers

Coverage for Barrel & Plungers is for the following engine series.

  • N-495 / NT-495
  • N-743 / NT-743
  • NT-855 / NTA-855 BIG CAM I, II, III, IV
  • N-14
  • KT-1150 / KTA-1150
  • K-38 / K-50


Gear Pumps

Using profile ground gears ground on a Hoffler CNC Grinding machine and the housings machined on the HAAS machining centers. Our pumps deliver the optimum pressure and delivery on the engine. Range of the gear pumps made by us is for the ¾”” , 1” & the 1.1/4”


Injector Cups

We make the entire range of injector cups.
Right from the STD PTD , K to STC-K injector cups.


Solenoid Assembly

Every solenoid assembly is air leak checked to make sure proper functioning on the engine. Air leak checking is far more precise which ensures absolutely no diesel leakages on the engine. The assemblies are tested both in the electric solenoid working mode and also in the manual over ride mode.


Air Compressor

We offer the complete repair kit for the CUMMINS  HOLSET  type air compressors. All the valves and valve seats are lapped and are individually checked on a vacuum tester to check for vacuum air leakages. These are then packed with spring and various O rings to make the repair kit for the compressors.

PT Fuel System Theory & Operation


Injector Cups

All Injector cups are tested for spray pattern. The spray pattern test ensure the spray angle of the fuel is in the correct straight line and hits precisely the target blocks on the fixture. This spray hit ensures the same correct hit of fuel spray on the piston crown during engine functioning.

Flow Test Cup

The flow test is a testing rig where the injector cups hydraulic flow from the holes is measured at 2000 PSI. The hole size is used only as a reference to the past practice. The number of holes in the injector cup and the spray angle of these holes remain the same. The hole diameter can measure higher or lower than the older injector cups and still flow within the proper specifications.

Barrel & Plungers Class Matching

This video explains who one of the most critical operations for the plunger & barrel where these precision class matched for clearance in a controlled temperature for giving the correct fuel injection flow and pressure in the injector.


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